What’s The Best Holiday Gift You Can Buy At The Gas Station?

A gas pump at a filling station in Utah

What’s the best Christmas present you could pick up while filling up?
Photo: Patrick T Fallon / Contributor (Getty Images)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! We’re all feeling very festive here at Jalopnik towers, and are looking forward to spending some time over the holidays with the people (and cars) that we care about.


In this run up to the festive holiday celebration, you might have found yourself making a list (and checking it twice) to make sure you’ve bought all the presents you needed for friends and family this year. But what if, when packing all your purchases into the car, you realized you missed a gift for someone special?

You’re now present-less on Christmas Eve and all the shops are shutting up for the holidays. What can you do?

Well, cleverly, you remember that there’s an ample supply of gas stations on your route, which you can easily pop into and shop around. Gas stations are sure to have a good last minute present for that forgotten loved one, right?

So from your time spent browsing the aisles in the country’s best, or worst, gas stations, what purchases have you come across that would make a great last-minute Christmas present?

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Maybe you were panic buying for an old friend, and ended up getting them a can of soda and pack of cookies. Or perhaps you picked up a pair of wiper blades for the important cautious driver in your life, and a rechargeable screwdriver for the wrencher you love.

Whatever the present, we want to know.

Let us know your ideas for the best holiday gifts you can buy (or have even bought!) in a gas station, and we’ll compile some of the top answers later on today. Who knows, some of the best suggestions might come in handy when you’re traveling to see loved ones this holiday season.

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