25 things Deadspin is thankful for (yes, even in 2020), including doggos & Kelly Loeffler (no, really)

Our hearts are ballooning with thankfulnessism

Our hearts are ballooning with thankfulnessism
Graphic: Eric Barrow

It’s been a crazy year at Deadspin and an awful one for almost everyone in the world who’s not Jeff Bezos. Today, as I spend Thanksgiving away from family and friends due to COVID-19, I thought it would be a good idea for us to all express the small things we should be thankful for in this hellscape. Some are personal, some are staffwide. Also some are tongue-in-cheek, some are earnest. You, dear reader, get to decide which is which.


Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. WiFi — where would we be without it this year?
  2. Kelly Loeffler — for giving us an endlessstream of things to write about
  3. Laura Ingraham — for being a loyal reader with nothing but constructive criticism for us — Rich
  4. Lance Armstrong — because I got to use the word “dick” for the first time in my published writing — Julie
  5. Speaking of dicks let’s be thankful for Jeffrey Toobin, who raised awareness on the extra precautions needed to make sure we don’t jerk off during work Zoom meetings, because apparently we needed better awareness of that — Chris
  6. On a related note that Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams have the option to turn the camera off (but please still do not jerk off then, thank you) — Julie
  7. Stephen A. Smith dancing when the Cowboys lose
  8. The Angry Runs segment on GMFB, which gives us life
  9. Hats — because sometimes you need to keep the camera on
  10. Yoga pants — Julie
  11. The laptops we have to hand out accurate critiques of playing sports during a global pandemic when the leagues are seemingly unconcerned by death — DeArbea
  12. Pets, they are ALL GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS — Rich

Alfie O’Malley

Alfie O’Malley


Kirby & Taffy DiCaro

Kirby & Taffy DiCaro

Jigglypuff Laforgia

Jigglypuff Laforgia

G/O Media may get a commission

13. A five-overtime hockey game that took place in the afternoon — Jesse

14. My Thanksgiving hat, procured in Detroit in 2017 — Rich

15. I am thankful for the inevitability of death — Tom

16. Conversely, I am thankful for the coming Singularity, which will allow us to escape the inevitability of death — Chris


17. Calling Washington the “Football Team”

18. Seeing the KBO sword for the first time

19. I’m thankful that we did not have to watch a Tom Brady documentary this year

20. All the potatoeswho are better coaches than Adam Gase

21. The women who work in sports, in spite of it all

22. I’m thankful that the NFC East only has a few more weeks left of looking like a sink’s garbage disposal — Donovan


23.Diogo Jota, and Hum’s last album — Sam

24. Doppio Coffeehouse — Chris

25. I’m thankful that I have enough common decency to NOT put ketchup on Thanksgiving food — Donovan

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