3 lessons any guy can take away from Chris Pratt’s jeans at the MTV Movie Awards

Chris prattAP/Jordan StraussChris Pratt at the MTV Movie Awards.

Chris Pratt, we loved you in “Jurassic World.” However, we cannot abide by your taste in denim.

The star appeared on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards Sunday wearing what could only be described as blue-on-blue — a blue leather jacket on top of a pair of ill-advised jeans.

While we approve of the jacket’s Star-Lord-like qualities, it’s just too close to the color of the jeans for comfort.

The jeans themselves need to be thrown out and started over from scratch.

Here’s why they don’t work:

  • Fake fading is very ’00s. For jeans, we either recommend a pair of plain dark denim or a very light wash. These jeans have a fake fade near the crotch area that provides unsightly lines that don’t look anywhere near naturally faded. Pratt should have gone with a dark denim that not only would have looked better and more formal in a red carpet setting, but would have provided more contrast to his brighter blue top as well.
  • They’re too long and wide at the bottom. The jeans are just too long for Pratt’s legs! They bunch weirdly at the bottom and flare out, indicating that they are too long. Still, the leg opening wouldn’t be flattering even if it was the right length. Pratt would have looked much better with a slimmer pair of tapered jeans that provided some shape to the transition from his legs to his shoes.
  • Pants need to provide some contrast with your top. Since Pratt’s outfit is all blue, there’s no contrast between his top block and his bottom half. It washes him out completely, and the eye simply glazes right over his entire outfit. A shame, because his jacket is actually really cool and could have been served much better with a slick pair of black jeans and some black boots.

Pratt went on to win the award for Best Action Performance for his role in “Jurassic World”, but we’re still happy for him — even if he isn’t going to win any style awards.

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