7 Oscar-nominated films that were also great investments this year

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7 Oscar-nominated films that were the best investments this year (Wealth Management)

“Like art, investing in movies can be a tricky business… but for some high-net-worth individuals, this alternative investment might make sense,” writes Diana Britton.

In light of that, Britton shared the top Oscar-nominated films ranked by their return on investment: 1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2) Straight Outta Compton, 3) The Martian, 4) Inside Out, 5) Creed, 6) Brooklyn, 7) The Big Short.

A Brexit “would have ramifications well beyond the UK’s borders” (Advisor Perspectives)

Although the UK is often a difficult bedfellow for its Continental partners, leaving the EU would represent a huge setback for the European ‘project,’” writes AllianceBernstein’s Darren Williams. “It would embolden populist/anti-EU parties in other countries, and remind investors that EU (and euro-area) countries are still sovereign nations and that nothing is ‘irrevocable.'”

“In the wake of the sovereign-debt crisis, and with the migrant/refugee crisis fanning popular discontent and exposing long-buried fault lines across Europe, it could kick off the most challenging period yet for the EU and its French and German leaders,” he added.

Rich investors are more familiar with robo advising (IMS Wealth Management)

New data from Investing Media Solutions suggests that many investors still aren’t that familiar with robo advisors: 49% of respondents in a survey were not aware of the term “robo advisor” at all despite the fact that major financial brands like Fidelity, Vanguard, and Charles Schwab are entering the space.

However, wealthy investors were more in the know when it came to robo advising: 71% of those with over $5 million in non RE investable assets were aware of the term, and 57% of those with over $250,000 were.

High-Yield bonds may look attractive, but… (Charles Schwab)

High-yield bonds may look appealing, but they come with additional default and volatility risks. If you decide to invest in high-yield bonds, understand the risks and be sure your bond portfolio is diversified enough to cushion the impact of a default,” writes Collin Martin.

One way to help manage high-yield bond risks is by investing through a professional manager, such as a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund or separately managed account,” he suggests.

Raymond James has to pay about $600,000 to a former client (Financial Planning)

An arbitration panel order Raymond James to pay almost $600,000 to a former client, David Silipigno, who sought damages after alleged breach of fiduciary duty, churning, suitability, and other misconduct, reports Andrew Welsch.

Still, this was less than what Silipigno originally sought: $18 million in damages from the firm.

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