9 dangerous diseases that could be prevented by vaccines within the next decade, from HIV to cancer



A family rests inside a mosquito net at an evacuation center for typhoon survivors in the central Philippines, December 19, 2013.Erik De Castro/REUTERS

Malaria is a parasitic infection spread by mosquitoes that can lead tochills, fever, and nausea, along with other severe complications including organ failure. The disease is responsible formore than half of mosquito-related deaths, predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa.

There is no widely available vaccine for malaria, though three countries are set to take part in a pilot program for a malaria vaccine starting in 2018,the World Health Organization said in a news release.

The number of deaths caused by the disease are already dropping, however, due to prevention efforts like insecticides that are sprayed and used in netting. Between 2000 and 2015, malaria deaths fell 62%, translating to 6.8 million lives saved,according to the WHO.

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