A BMW M2 With Four Doors Is Reportedly Happening

Like this, but with more doors.

The BMW 2 Series is pretty much perfect, except for those of us who need to get children get in and out of the back seats. BMW reportedly will solve that problem with the upcoming 2 Series Gran Coupe. And yes, there supposedly will be an M version too!…

There was once a rumor that the next generation 2 Series will go to front-wheel drive. Now we know BMW has decided not to sell a compact front-drive sedan outside of the Chinese market, for now and the 2020 2 Series will remain rear-wheel-drive, as Autocarreports. The article goes on to say that it’ll be offered in coupe, cabriolet and gran coupe (a fancy way of saying sedan) variants.


As to how exactly the Grand Coupe body will work is still a mystery. It could be a traditional four-door similar to the smaller 4 and 6 Series GC, or BMW may choose a more radical direction and go with a five-door lift-back version, as Autocar claims some BMW officials want:

Insiders close to BMW research and development boss Klaus Fröhlich admit the four-door option would be the best choice for structural rigidity. However, they confirm certain officials are holding out for a liftback format, suggesting it would provide the new BMW with greater practicality than its rivals.

With the success of some high-performance compact cars such as the Mercedes CLA45 AMG and the Audi S3, and the fact that the next 3 Series is expected to grow in size, BMW wants a part of the action and believes an M2 Gran Coupe will provide a more fun experience compared to the other German pocket rockets that are based on a front-drive platform.


The 2 Series Gran coupe and M2 Gran Coupe are reportedly set to launch in the UK sometime in 2019. I would imagine they would make their way across the Atlantic soon after.

It sounds like an awesome car with a silly name, and I want one.


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