A Smaller DOHC Watercooled V-Twin Is Coming To The Harley-Davidson Sportster Lineup: Report

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There’s a new entry-level engine coming to the Harley lineup, and according to some verbiage uncovered by RideApart, it’s a 975 cubic centimeter version of the Revolution Max V-twin. The Rev Max engine is currently produced in a 1250 cc version for the Pan America adventure bike, and the ridiculously fast and fun Sportster S. It’s pretty likely that the new 975 will be the foundation upon which the rest of the Sportster lineup will be built. If we’re lucky the Bronx streetfighter, as well as the promised café-style sport bike and flat tracker will finally make their debut.


So how do we know it’s a 975? And how do we know it’s coming? Apparently someone screwed up writing some copy for Harley-Davidson’s genuine accessory lineup. The listing for the “Wild One Mirrors” to fit the Sportster S used to say “Fits ’21-later Revolution® Max engine-equipped models. RH975 and RH1250S models require separate purchase of Handlebar End Cap”. RH1250S clearly indicates the Sportster S model, but Harley doesn’t currently sell anything with a 975. That passage has recently been edited to remove any mention of the 975.

In the previous generation Sportster, Harley offered an 883 cc version of its old aircooled engine. In fact that engine is still available in the Iron 883 and the Forty-Eight, which are the last air-oil Sportster-based models remaining in the lineup. This engine is no longer legal for sale in some markets thanks to increasingly strict emissions standards. So, here comes the Revolution Max 975, to solve a few problems. It’ll power some of Harley’s entry-level cruisers, plus hopefully a few lightweight sport-oriented bikes.

The Sportster S will cost you $15,499 in American greenbacks. The hope here is that the smaller and less-powerful 975 will cost a good bit less than that. Considering an Iron 883 will currently run you just shy of 12 grand, that’d be a good place to start. And if the Sportster S is any indication, it’ll be well worth that!

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