A tradition unlike any other: The LeBron Shoutout

A message from The King.

A message from The King.
Image: AP

LeBron James has never been shy about showing love to other competitors, whether it’s toward another NBA player or an athlete in another sport. There was that time he had dinner with Odell Beckham Jr. after OBJ hit mega-star status hauling in that three-finger bomb for a touchdown vs. Dallas on Sunday Night Football back in 2015. It was like a welcome to the club, your life’s about to change, meeting.


And after Buffalo’s 40-0 shut out over Houston Sunday, James responded to a victory tweet posted on the Bills social media page.

James is correct about Allen being a beast. Although Allen had an average day against the Texans, passing for just 248 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception. But Allen is one of the biggest reasons for this resurgence in Buffalo.

I’m sure James can picture himself playing tight end for the Bills, catching goal-line fades at the back of the end zone from Allen. There has been much talk recently about James’ high school football career, and we even found out about contract offers James once received from NFL teams during his appearance on the Manningcast with Eli and Peyton Manning.

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If Lebron was given a chance to play in one NFL game at TE or WR, I’m convinced he’d take the league up on their offer. What do you give the person that already has everything and can buy anything they want? Give James this fantasy camp-type scenario and see what he can do.

After not suiting up in pads for over 20 years, James would certainly be in over his head at this point. But if you put him out there for a few jump balls in the end zone with Allen tossing him the rock, I’d be willing to bet he could come down with at least one for a TD. Allen would surely return the props to James as they did a shimmy shake (taunting penalty) then hugged it out.


I’ll give James this – he’s great at celebrating the accomplishments of others, although he feels the masses don’t always show him the proper respect. I disagree with his COVID-19 gibberish, but I’ll credit James for always acknowledging his fellow athlete. But I can do without hearing Lebron ask for his “damn respect” since he gets plenty of it from his followers and talking heads.

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