A Welded-Together, Two-Car Tandem Drift Car Works Shockingly Well

Gif: Candy Machine (YouTube)

You may or may not like drifting and drift cars, but you cannot deny they have style. They can wear brightly colored liveries, be covered in stickers and be in various states of banged-up. But this particular BMW drift car has two engines—because the cars have been welded together. For fun. And for science.

This third video is the latest from the Candy Machine YouTube channel, which is made up of professional drift drivers James Deane and Piotr Więcek. The idea was to build the “ultimate tandem machine” by welding two E46-generation BMWs together.


The whole point of tandem drifting is to see how well and closely two cars and drivers can drift together side-by-side without messing up. So, logically, why not just skip a step and attach the two cars? Makes sense. Proceed.

The past two videos were spent preparing the cars. The setup the team decided on was a side-by-side weld, but also with the removal of the cars’ inside wheels. You can imagine a two-car monstrosity with only four wheels between them. (One was a coupe and the other was a sedan, but whatever, they made it work!)

That brings us to yesterday’s video. A test drive. A Christmas miracle. They pulled it off.

I sort of see this as the creation of a bastardized BMW 850i and I sort of love it. A perfectly tandem E46 drifter.


You can view parts one and two below.

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