Aaron Rodgers blames first interception of season on getting hit in the nuts (twice)

That was no discount double check for Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

That was no discount double check for Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.
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Every guy knows the pain of getting hit in the balls. It’s excruciating. Depending on the severity of the baby-maker bruising, even the toughest guys could be down for the count for 10-15 minutes. Yesterday, in an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers set the record straight about his performance against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, claiming that his first interception wasn’t his fault. He only threw that pick because of “the double nut shot I took.”


Now the obvious next step is to determine whether or not these statements are true. According to Rodgers, he took a shot to not one, but both of his gonads, making the devastation all the more appalling. So, let’s break down the play from a fundamental standpoint.

This was Rodgers’ first interception of the day. Saints rookie Paulson Adebo, someone I’ve always been high on (just saying), came away with the first INT of his career, and it came against the reigning NFL MVP. That’s got to be a good feeling. Nonetheless, from the video, it does in fact appear as though Rodgers was hit in the nuts at least once. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan (No. 94) does, as Rodgers said, “clothesline” his right arm seemingly into Rodgers’ groin area. The supposed second shot is much less clear. While the second-farthest rusher on the left side does get very close to the place where the sun don’t shine, we can’t exactly see whether or not the defender’s hand does reach around (not in that way) to Rodgers’ genitals.

If all of this is true, then I have mad respect for the short-lived Jeopardy! host. Anyone who can get hit in the cajones by two incredibly strong men and not only manage to throw a pass, but also walk off the field within the next minute…that’s commendable. LeBron James was on the ground for a looooooooooooong time after he got poked in the eye during a game in May, and meanwhile Rodgers got right back up after being hit twice in the nuts. That’s not a jab at LeBron. I’d be done for 24 hours if I got poked in the eye. I’d be taking a day off work and cancelling plans while I put frozen peas over my eyehole. However, as someone who has experienced both forms of pain in their lifetime, what Rodgers endured is undoubtedly worse.

Rodgers’ testicles appeared to be fine throughout the rest of the game. He doesn’t blame his second interception on sore nuts or anything. But seeing as how the Packers lost 38-3 to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, it’s only normal to look for reasons as to why that might be.

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Rodgers says he “doesn’t like to make excuses” when it comes to interceptions, and that’s fine, but if he did truly get knocked in the knackers twice on one play, that’s a pretty good excuse in my book.

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