Acer Predator Z850 Projector Throws 120-Inch Images at Gamers for $5,000

Acer Predator Z850

Big screen gaming in little spaces

Forget about that 32-inch monitor you’ve been eyeing up, Acer’s newly available Predator Z850 projector can beam images up to 120 inches on your wall or screen. The question is, are you willing to pay $5,000 for it?

That’s Acer’s bold asking price for what it claims is the industry’s first ultra-wide HD laser projector designed for gaming. It also sports a bold design, as do all of Acer’s Predator products, this one in particular with a red and black chassis molded with aggressive angles.

Acer designed the Predator Z850 to work in cramped spaces. Using mirror-less ultra-short-throw technology, the projector can display images up to 120 inches from as little as 18.5 inches from the screen or wall.

“This means no more shadow interference at crucial moments during gameplay,” Acer says.

Acer Predator Z850-2

The Predator Z850 uses a top-mounted lens and adjustable feet to make it quick and easy to deploy without any drilling or mounting required. Once setup, you can start gaming at an ultra-wide 1920×720 resolution—that’s a 24:9 aspect ratio, which is 50 percent wider than 16:9 display resolutions.

Courtesy of an advanced laser diode, Acer says the Predator Z850 delivers bright images up to 3,000 lumens along with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Acer also claims a wide color gamut but stopped short of saying what percentage of the sRGB color space it covers (or any other metric it wishes to use).

If your pocket still feels heavy after extracting $5,000 from it, you can purchase an optional Wireless HD kit for 1080p lossless wireless streaming to reduce cable clutter.

The Predator Z850 is available now (or will be soon once retailers update their websites), but will it sell? We haven’t tested the Predator Z850, but at $5,000, it’s hard to imagine picking one over a much less expensive 4K monitor with all the bells and whistles.

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