Adobe releases another emergency Flash update to fix critical flaw


Adobe has rolled out yet another emergency Flash Player update to address a critical flaw that could lead to ransomware attacks. Users are advised to install the update immediately on computers powered by Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.

The APSB16-10 update, which was issued late last week, actually fixes 24 flaws in Flash Player in total — one of which (CVE-2016-1019) has been used to inject malware onto Macs and Windows PCs that could be used for ransonware attacks.

Picking up that malware is as easy as browsing a webpage that has been infected by a malicious Flash file that is able to execute code on your computer. Once this process has been carried out, attackers can then snoop on your activity, collecting passwords and other sensitive data.

This update comes just a month after Adobe rolled out another emergency update to fix yet another critical flaw. It almost seems like Flash is more trouble than its worth at this point; it is famous for being a resource hog and carrying flaws that make attacks like this possible.

Fortunately, the technology is slowly but surely dying out. Many have stopped using it already, and web developers are using alternatives like HTML5 — but millions of others still have it installed on their computers for viewing Flash content online.

If you’re running Flash on your PC, you can download Adobe’s latest update via the source link below. If you use Flash as part of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge, then you will automatically get this patch when you update your browser.

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