Aliens: Colonial Marines “fixed” by mods, making it the game “it should have been”

It’s the gaming controversy that never dies. Aliens: Colonial Marines crawls back into the headlines this week with a brand new mod that allegedly “fixes” the game.

What was wrong with it in the first place? Well, not much except that it wasn’t the game advertised to the world. This latest “ACM Overhaul” mod from TemplarGFX makes all the changes that SEGA and Gearbox made when they were hyping this game for the masses… only they’re doing it in reverse.

TemplarGFX claims that it fixes the enemy AI, making the Xenomorphs just as smart as they were originally promised to be, and makes them far more aggressive as well. The mod also changes up the graphics, doubling down on the atmosphere and the realism, making it look like more than just a collection of blocky rooms with connecting hallways.

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