Amazon’s futuristic biodome campus starts to take shape

Apple isn’t the only tech giant hard at work on an impressive new headquarters. Amazon’s futuristic campus is campus is set to open in downtown Seattle. The ambitious project is far from complete, but it’s quickly starting to take form and early construction photographs already look pretty stunning.

The design, which was first revealed in 2013, consists of three overlapping globes full of mixed use space. The result is a sci-fi-inspired structure that looks like a biodome from the future. Inside, the buildings will offer natural settings with full-grown trees, along with offices, meeting rooms, lounges and places to eat.

Amazon will still keep its regular offices even after the structure officially opens. The company is currently headquartered in a more traditional tower building, and plans to open two more towers in the coming years. There’s no set date for when the biodome campus will be complete, but it should be interesting to see the structure come together as construction continues.

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