Andrew Wiggins comes to his senses

After much drama, Andrew Wiggins got vaccinated and will be available to play all Warriors games.

After much drama, Andrew Wiggins got vaccinated and will be available to play all Warriors games.
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Golden State Warriors’ forward Andrew Wiggins is finally vaccinated.

With the NBA season a few weeks away, the repercussions of being unvaccinated loomed larger and larger for Wiggins, who was on record with his apprehension regarding the vaccine.


According to ESPN, The former number one overall pick could have lost nearly $9 million this season if he stayed unvaccinated.

“That’s my problem, not yours,” Wiggins responded when asked about the money he would have lost by not playing.

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Even though nearly 90 percent of the NBA is vaccinated, vaccination status has been a point of emphasis over the past couple of weeks because of players like Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, Jonathan Isaac, and Wiggins.

I have no idea what made Wiggins change his mind on the vaccine, but I could probably make 9 million guesses.


The anti-vax nonsense —which has convinced people all around the country that they are safer against COVID without the shot than with it — is asinine, to say the least. And it doesn’t get any better when NBA players are validating these views in front of a national audience.

I’m glad Wiggins finally got vaccinated and he’ll be able to get his money. I don’t really care why he finally changed his mind. This issue is bigger than him. It’s bigger than any NBA player who is choosing to be unsafe this season.


The vaccine can help save lives and prevent this virus from mutating AGAIN, which is why we need everyone who is physically able to get their shots.

Thank you, Andrew Wiggins for finally doing your part. Let’s pray that your colleagues and millions of other countrymen do the same.

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