Apex: The Secret Race Across America Is Available To Stream Today

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Many of you will be faced with two significant challenges this week. You’ll be stuck on the road in mile after mile of traffic with others on their way to family and friends to celebrate, and you’ll be stuck on the couch nursing a food coma while scrolling through the streaming services looking for something to watch. We can’t help much with the first challenge, but we’ve got something in mind for the second.

Starting today, Apex: The Secret Race Across America is available for streaming from both Apple and Amazon Prime Video. As we’ve reported before, the film follows Jalopnik contributor Alex Roy and his copilot, David Maher, as they broke the record for transcontinental crossing by car in Roy’s Polizei modified E39 M5 while also recounting the history of the 1981 U.S. Express attempt to relive the energy of the first Cannonball Run.

In the interest of full disclosure, Apex had a lot of former Jalopnik hands involved in its production. Site founder Mike Spinelli wrote the film, it was produced by former EIC Matt Hardigree, and contributor JF Musial directed it. In my mind all of that bodes well for the film, but I do need to let you know.


The film comes out right after the record was broken yet again (the second time since Roy and Maher made their infamous 2007 run) by a team in another high-powered German Q-car. While we’d like to give it a shot ourselves, our editorshave made us very aware of the legal and professional repercussions any attempt may have in store for us.

While the record Roy and Maher made might be the main story here, the part of the film that I liked best was the story of the U.S. Express, especially the colorful characters from the early days of the tech industry that set it in motion. It’s certainly enough to entertain everyone you’re with for the holidays.


Find Apex on iTunes here and on Amazon here.

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