Apple iOS 10.1 beta 3 has been released

Apple on Monday released the third beta for iOS 10.1, which includes the Portrait camera mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. There are other minor bug fixes and enhancements, but the major deal here is with ensuring the Portrait mode is ready for public consumption.

The depth of field effect allows users to take pictures that are comparable to images taken with high-end camera gear. For portraits, your subject will be in sharp focus while the background is blurred, creating more emotional and effective pictures.

Apple demonstrated the feature when it announced the iPhone 7 Plus and it appeared to work very well. Of course, we’ll have more thoughts on how it works when it officially launches as a public release.

If anything else of significance pops up in iOS 10.1 we’ll be sure to let you know. Apple’s Portrait mode is by no means new, but the company certainly has a way with repackaging features and improving how they function and handle.

If you own an iPhone 7 Plus, this new future will be huge, especially if you find yourself constantly taking pictures of friends and family.

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