Apple makes Siri better at fetching baseball information


Siri doesn’t normally see big improvements outside of iOS updates, but Apple has rolled out one that’s sure to please baseball fans. The digital assistant is now better than ever at fetching baseball information, including detailed statistics.

Not only can Siri fetch baseball scores to help you stay on top of the game, but it can also fetch information about your favorite teams and players, league standings, and more. It can even fetch historical information dating back to the beginning of baseball records.

What’s more, Siri now covers even more baseball leagues. There are 28 in total, including the Minors — but it’s not quite perfect yet.

“More peculiar, specific questions, like “When was the last time the Yankees had a perfect game?” yielded a generic search for the Yankees,” reports The Verge. “Other searches just yielded a Google query.”

When Siri is able to find data successfully, sometimes it is presented inconsistently. For instance, some results appear in a Siri-style frame as you would expect, while others appear as a copy of Wolfram Alpha results.


It looks like there are still some teething troubles Apple needs to iron out, then, but still, this is a significant update for baseball fans, and it greatly expands on Siri’s ability to fetch sports scores, which was added with iOS 6 way back in 2012.

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