Apple Watch sales plummet 70-percent from last summer

The Apple Watch hasn’t yet achieved iPhone-like success like Apple hoped it would. There’s no real pressing need for a smart watch like there is for a smartphone, and sales of the Apple Watch are making this glaringly obvious.

According to market research firm IDC, Apple Watch sales plummetted 71.6-percent in the July to September timeframe compared to last year. Apple sold 1.1 million watches in 2016, down from the 3.9 million it sold in the same period in 2015.

There are many factors to this, starting with the lack of refresh of the Apple Watch. Originally announced in September 2014 and released in April 2015, the flagship wearable for Apple wasn’t updated for 16 months, or 24 months when you compare that to when awareness for the watch began to grow.

The newly announced Apple Watch Series 2 should help boost sales in a market Apple dominates with a 41.3-percent share. Following hot on the heels of Apple—but still a ways off —is Garmin, Samsung, Lenovo, and Pebble, which each sold fewer than 700,000 units in the timeframe.

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