Apple’s spaceship campus looks nearly finished in latest drone video

Apple’s Campus 2 construction is coming along very nicely. An awesome new drone video filmed by Duncan Sinfield shows the main spaceship-shaped structure along with smaller surrounding buildings in various states of completion.

The main office is nearly done, though it’s still missing plenty of finishing structures. The giant 2.8 million square foot ring of office space will eventually be covered in curved glass windows, which are already being installed. Apple also needs to finish the forested green area at the center of the ring, which will feature outdoor seating areas.

Apple’s new underground auditorium was recently covered up, and you can see its entry structure taking form. There’s also a 100,000 square foot fitness center being built, along with two parking structures and underground tunnels to quickly access different parts of the campus by car. As for that massive pyramid of dirt, Apple says it will be used to landscape and plant over 7,000 trees planned around the campus.

The new campus should be finished by the end the of the year, and Apple hopes to be operating out of the building by early 2017

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