Arduino Step-by-Step offers perfect intro to microcontrollers — 92% off


From tweeting toasters to secret-knock gumball dispensers, the Arduino can power some seriously cool electronics projects. To help get you started, TechnoBuffalo Deals has the Arduino Step-by-Step video course now for $14.99.

The course begins by teaching you about the role of a microcontroller, before helping you to set up your own Arduino. The hands-on videos gradually build up your knowledge of electronics design by showing you how to add sensors and other components to your circuits, one at a time, along with the code for controlling them. You also learn about the shield and accessories you can add to your board. Toward the backend of the course, you learn how to connect your Arduino to the web, and integrate advanced components such as gears and motors.

The course amounts to over 21 hours of lessons and projects, and you get lifetime access to streaming the videos. Enroll now to save 92% on the usual price for the course.

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