In Firewatch on PC, you find a camera – You can have the pics you snap physically developed

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil anything. We reviewed Firewatch. Our review went up today. We played the game on PC.

The PC version of Firewatch has a special feature that the console version lacks. You find a disposable camera in the forest. You can use that camera to take pictures in the game as you play. Once you finish the game, you’ll get a link in the menu to a web store where you can buy your prints.

Really, you can get the pictures you took in the game developed. Here are mine.

Firewatch Photos Printed

There are photos I excluded from that pic, too. This is a disposable camera, right? Some of the pics were already snapped. Those are developed too.

So much care and love went into creating Firewatch, and this is just one of the many results of that attention to detail.

The prints will cost money, of course. The pre-launch cost was heavily discounted, so I’m not sure what it costs now. I’d imagine somewhere between $10 and $20.

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