Assistant Chief Engineer Of Ford GT Left To Restart Fisker

A design sketch for the original Fisker Karma. Still looks current, no?

Last month we reported that Kip Ewing, one of the top people responsible for the Ford GT, had dipped out of the program, but we didn’t know where he was headed. Now we know that he went to rebuild Fisker at a company now called Karma.…

Fisker, for those of you who have already forgotten, was the troubled maker of excitingly terrible and proudly moustachio’d electric cars that also have gasoline engines in them. Fisker called the car the Karma. We drove one. It was great. It was also awful.


Fisker went bust a couple years back after their cars started catching fire and several hundred of their cars were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and their battery supplier went out of business. Also they were really quite bad at making money.


The company sort of ended up split in two directions. The body and design of the car ended up in the hands of a couple rich old car dudes who are trying to sell the car but with the electric drivetrain ripped out in favor of a Corvette V8.

But the electric side of the company sort of perseveres as a company called, confusingly, Karma. It’s based in the old Michigan outpost office of what used to be Fisker and now Ewing has joined their team, as The Verge reports.

Karma plans, once more, to use a re-engineered but still electric version of the original car, which was pretty but poorly made and hideously cramped. They do now appear to have an impressive team of people at the company.

Who knows, maybe they won’t end up being this generation’s DeLorean.


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