Audi says that intelligence is the new rock and roll

audi adScreenshot via YouTube/Audi

The folks at Audi have a fairly astute read on the mood of modern culture.

It’s evident in the kinds of technology the automaker is developing. Everything from electric and autonomous cars to SUVs with night-vision.

Some of the fastest, zaniest cars on the road come from the German automaker, but Audi is also one of the most forward-thinking brands in the industry, so it makes sense that it also knows the pulse of contemporary culture.

And that culture, at least for the moment, is rapt with the current of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

So, as part of Audi’s effort to introduce America to its redesigned entry level luxury sedan, the 2017 A4, the company has a new ad out that celebrates the nerd in all of us.

Titled “Intelligence is the New Rock and Roll,” Audi hat-tips the doers and thinkers, with a little Iggy Pop in the background to get things moving.

See the full ad here:

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