Awesome drone video shows Apple’s Campus 2 construction in action

Apple’s spaceship-shaped campus is supposed to be complete by the end of 2016. The ambitious project’s already faced delays and budget issues, but our latest look at the construction site suggests the finish line may finally be in sight.

A new video created by drone pilot Duncan Sinfield offers a detailed look at current work on the campus and overall progress. It’s amazing to see the fantastical design finally come together after years of slow progress. In the two-minute video, we see the main spaceship-shaped building, along with new parking structures and the underground auditorium.

The main building appears to be almost done. The giant ring of office space is nearly finished, and workers are already installing the large glass windows that will cover its exterior. Once complete, the entire structure will feature a continuous glass wall along the exterior, with a large forested outdoor area in the middle.

Apple’s also building two new indoor parking garages, and you can see that one already has an array of solar panels on top. Finally, it looks like the company’s new underground auditorium is almost complete. The main 120,000 square foot space is already covered up, and the above-ground glass-covered entrance is starting to take shape.

Check out the full video above if you haven’t already, or take a closer look with our gallery of screenshots below.

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