Bad Judge, Bad Judge What’cha Gonna Do? – The Podcast

Bad Judge, Bad Judge What'cha Gonna Do? - The Podcast

Every profession has its bad apples but it still shocks us when we hear about bad judges, right? So today, I give you the roundup of Michigan’s recent ne’er-do-well bad judges.

Wait – Judges go bad? Like, how? Oh, there is the judge who offered to fix tickets for the good looking defendants who appeared before him. Or the judge who jailed a woman for ten days because she allegedly cussed in the clerk’s office – even though she wasn’t even in the court!

How about the Michigan Supreme Court justice who pulled a little bank fraud and was sentenced to the federal pen? Or the Wayne County judge who texted sexy snaps of himself to court employees and had an affair with a woman who had business in his courtroom.


Yes, Michigan’s judges can really lower the bar. Or raise it, depending on which way you look at these things. So I have the lurid details of these bad judges and more, in this week’s podcast. Here is the audio:


And the video.

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