Believe It Or Not This Home-Made License Plate Didn’t Fool The Cops

Believe It Or Not This Home-Made License Plate Didn't Fool The Cops

Somebody put some pretty painstaking effort into arts-and-crafting a New York license plate out of what looks like cardboard and paint. Would have been cute if they stopped there and put it on their kid’s Cozy Coupe, but nope. They went ahead and tried to drive with this. It did not “work” as intended.

The saddest thing is that it’s well-done enough to make it seem like somebody really thought “yeah, that’ll work!” Yet is so ridiculously obviously not legit that I can’t imagine anyone screwing this on to their car with a straight face.

The coloring and details are pretty good! Too bad it looks like it was executed by a gorilla gripping a Sharpie with their left fist.


Local law enforcement didn’t find it nearly as funny or endearing as we did, though.

An Erie County Sheriff’s deputy was on patrol in Buffalo, New York this week when they took a closer look at a car with no front license plate and found this mounted on the rear.


The officer pulled 28-year-old driver Amanda Schweickert over and charged her with “a felony count of possessing a forged instrument, a misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle with a suspend registration and three vehicle and traffic infractions,” according to KSDK.

Of course the car was not registered or insured. (Otherwise it probably would have had a real license plate.)

Schweickert is waiting on $400 bail and will be going to court.


Image via Erie County Sheriff’s Office

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