Beware The Angry Fiat, It’s Coming For You

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There are a few different schools of thought among drag racers. Many Americans subscribe to the large, heavy hitting V8 bruisers with giant slicks on the back. This little Italian racer is the polar opposite of that, as it takes a tiny Fiat Uno, decreases the weight, and increases the revs and adds a fistful of turbo boost to make a quarter mile disappear in double time.

This scary little sprinter will one day come for each and every one of us. This is the automotive equivalent of death himself. This is the vision your car’s ECU sees before it bites the dust. A single run of this Fiat down the drag strip is enough to send cars in surrounding counties into fits of rand0m check engine light. For whom does the door ajar warning chime? It chimes for thee.

According to the description of the video, this little Fiat Uno has a Lancia Delta 1.5-liter engine that has been fitted with a custom rotating assembly displacing 1.6 liters and optimized for incredibly boost pressurized cylinders. Allegedly this engine combination produces upwards of 600 horsepower, and revs to sportbike levels of stratosphere. I’m utterly impressed by the automotive angel of death.

Please Fiat Uno, spare me my car’s life. I’ll give you anything.

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