Big Rig Appears to Come Out of Nowhere, Crashes Into Semi

Screenshot: U.S. Truck Drivers (Twitter)

Divided highways are great, because vehicles traveling at high speeds in the opposite direction are far away and out of danger. Well, at least in theory. This video here of two big rigs crashing nearly head-on shows that sometimes that big patch of grass isn’t enough.

At first glance, the video is a bit confusing. Where did the red truck come from? Why was it traveling into oncoming traffic on a divided highway?

The video, posted to Twitter by U.S. Truck Drivers (an account devoted to truck-related entertainment and news), seems to make a jump at about 17 seconds in—just before the crash. But looking at the surroundings, the jump doesn’t appear to cut much of the video out, making that red truck’s appearance rather mysterious.

Dayton, Ohio-based Fox 45 confirmed that the red truck drove across the median into oncoming traffic, and looking at the video, it appears that the camera didn’t catch it because the white truck was in the way. The white truck’s driver does appear to have noticed the oncoming truck, though, with the news site quoting Sgt. Robinson from the Ohio State Highway Patrol as saying:

“This semi right here was able to serve out of his way so they didn’t have a head-on but they did catch on the sides. Another Semi got hit with some stuff and two other cars served to avoid and hit some of the debris.”


WDTN News out of Dayton, Ohio says the crash happened at 2:45 P.M. on April 28 , and involved not just the two trucks shown in the video, but also three cars. “One of the semis caught on fire and the other semi overturned in the crash,” the news site reports.

There’s no word on the cause of the crash in Sidney, Ohio, with Sergeant Robinson telling Fox 45

“We don’t know if its medical, we don’t know if he fell asleep, we don’t know what could’ve happened at this point.” said Sgt. Robinson.


WDTN does mention that one person was taken to the hospital, but is “expected to recover.”

It’s a shocking video to watch, and the aftermath was rather messy, though it appears that authorities were able to get the highway cleaned up relatively quickly:

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