Blackhawks forward appeared to direct a gay slur multiple times at a referee during NHL playoff game


The St. Louis Blues won Game 4 of their opening-round playoff series 4-3 to take a 3-1 over the Chicago Blackhawks. However, the game is being overshadowed by the accusations being levied against Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw.

Late in the third period, Shaw was penalized for interference with the play leading to several players being involved in what appeared to be a harmless shoving match.

As the players were being separated, Shaw appears to yell, “f*** you, you f****** f*****,” at somebody not seen on the screen. A few moments later, Shaw appeared to yell the same thing while sitting in the penalty box.

Here is the video of the first incident.

And here is video of Shaw in the penalty box.

Shaw was asked about the incidents and to clarify what he said. Shaw responded that he did not remember what was said at the time. but did suggest that the comments were directed at the official.

“Emotions are high,” Shaw told the media. “I don’t know what was said. Obviously, I was upset with the call. I wasn’t happy with the call.”

After the game, The You Can Play Project — a group that aims to ensure equality for all athletes regardless of sexual orientation — tweeted about Shaw’s comments, saying, “will be reaching out to the NHL immediately to assist in an appropriate response.”

We are aware of tonight’s incident and will be reaching out to the NHL immediately to assist in an appropriate response.

— You Can Play Project (@YouCanPlayTeam) April 20, 2016

The incident is reminiscent of one involving the NBA earlier this season when Rajon Rondo of the Sacramento Kings directed a similar comment towards an official. In that case, the official later revealed himself to be gay, leading to speculation that Rondo knew about his sexual orientation.

The NHL has said they will investigate the incident.

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