Blaster Master is being rebooted by Inti Creates, and retro fans are psyched

Well, if this isn’t the coolest story of the week, then I don’t know what is. Inti Creates, the developers behind the Azure Striker Gunvolt games, announced today that it will be remastering the NES classic Blaster Master for re-release on the Nintendo 3DS.

The company is planning to use the original game as a foundation for this new game called Blaster Master Zero, and from there it will add improvements to help modernize the experience. That pitch sounds like a Shovel Knight experience, and I like it!

Here is the full plot that Inti Creates is going with.

“In the near future on planet Earth…

Many kinds of creatures once coexisted on this verdant planet, but after countless wars and untold environmental destruction, the planet was plunged into an ice age, and humanity was left with no choice but to migrate en masse underground.

When the ice age finally came to an end, humanity begin developing methods while they were living underground to one day restore their planet to the lush green landscape it once was. During this time, a large mysterious comet fell to the earth, but the progress of restoring their lost ecosystem was coming along well, and humanity was eventually able to live on the surface once again.

Several hundred years have passed since then.

Enter a young man named Jason Frudnick, a genius in the field of robotic engineering. One day, he came upon a creature he had never seen before. No records of this creature existed, so with his interest in this mysterious creature piqued, Jason named it “Fred” and began to observe it closely. But, after some time had passed it found a way to escape.

Jason gave chase, and before he knew it he had stumbled into the subterranean world where humanity once resided. A large vehicle awaited him there.

Almost as if this vehicle with the name “SOPHIA 3rd” on the side was inviting him in, the door the cockpit opened up. In order to bring Fred back, Jason hopped into SOPHIA 3rd and set out on his adventure.”

Sounds great, but where’s the part when the boy leaps down the hole to find his pet frog?

Blaster Master is a brilliant choice for a Nintendo 3DS remaster

Blaster Master is one of the NES’ defining sleeper-hit games. It’s not often remembered on the same level as Super Mario Bros. 3 or Mega Man, but it can hold its own against the best that the console has to offer. Like all Sunsoft games, it has a brilliant soundtrack and an original spin on brutal 2D NES action.

If it were on the NES Classic Edition, it would be one of my most anticipated games. However, I’m kind of happy that it isn’t on there because I doubt this would have happened otherwise! The NES original is already available through the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, and downloading this remake will look nice on your digital shelf right next to it.

Blaster Master Zero will release on the Nintendo 3DS in Spring 2017.

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