Bollinger To Cancel Reservations And Pivot To Commercial Trucks

A black Bollinger pickup truck concept.

Goodbye my sweet, boxy pickup love.
Photo: Bollinger

We should all be used to hearing about delays with angular, electric pickup trucks. But today, EV maker Bollinger announced that it’s postponing its two electric trucks “indefinitely,” which came as a bit of a surprise. Especially because Bollinger said the reason for doing so was to pivot its focus towards making commercial vehicles.


Bollinger, the EV startup based in Michigan, seemed to be doing everything right. The firm had been developing its B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck in the US since 2015 and, right up until the middle of last year, looked like it would begin deliveries of its two electric vehicles later in 2022.

But now, the firm has thrown all those plans out the window and decided, instead, to focus on making commercial vehicles using its EV platform.

In a statement, company CEO Robert Bollinger said:

“We’ve put countless hours of hard work and passion into making something that makes us proud. However, today, we’re postponing the consumer trucks’ development and shifting our focus to commercial trucks and fleets.”

The firm said the move would enable it to continue its growth while developing “technology that will have a major impact in the automotive world’s green future.” Very wholesome.

But what about all those people that reserved one of the company’s boxy electric trucks? Well, unlike certain other EV makers that have a penchant for production delays, Bollinger says it will refund anyone who reserved either its B1 or B2 trucks.


A graphic showing four different truck designs made using the same Bollinger wheelbase.

The possibilities are endless!
Photo: Bollinger

Robert Bollinger added, “Next week, we’ll be in contact with those who’d put down deposits for B1 and B2 to arrange refunds.”


Now, with a firm focus on commercial vehicles, what can we expect to see form the EV maker in the coming years?

Well, according to the CEO, this will mean a shift in focus to “electric platforms for commercial Classes 3-6.”


This means transferring the electrical knowhow from its pickup and SUV into four different commercial trucks. Specifications are slim on the ground for now, but according to the company website, the four trucks should all be capable of 200+ miles of range on a single charge.

Furthermore, it currently lists the starting price of a rear-wheel-drive B2 Chass-E Cab truck at $70,000.

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