Boston Dynamics’ new robot can do the dishes and throw out your trash (Video)

Boston Dynamics is back with its smallest and least creepy robot so far. SpotMini is a 65-pound all-electric robotic dog that can help out around the house using an extending arm, built-in sensors and special depth cameras.

A video released by the Alphabet-owned company shows SpotMini walking around a house and helping out with chores. It can pick up a glass out of the sink and gingerly place it in the open dishwasher. It can also throw out trash and even bring your a can of soda, though that last task may need a little work.

This may be a pretty intelligent robot, but it’s also pretty easy to trick. It falls over after stepping on a pile of banana peels. Thankfully, SpotMini can use its robotic arm to push itself back up in just a few seconds.

Boston Dynamics says SpotMini can function autonomously, though it requires human help for some high-level tasks. It’s also the company’s quietest robot yet and packs a 90-minute battery.

Alphabet is reportedly trying to sell Boston Dynamics as it rethinks its robot plans, though it still hasn’t made the news official. Then again, maybe this clever new bot can convince the tech giant to keep the robotics firm around. Take a closer look at SpotMini in the gallery of GIFs (courtesy of TechCrunch) and screenshots below.

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