Bravely Second overview trailer explains the old and the new

Final Fantasy XV stray a little too far from the classic formula for you? Then never fear, because Square Enix has a series designed to appeal to the old-school fans of the JRPG world.

Bravely Second: End Layer is the second-coming of the newest JRPG franchise from Square Enix, and it has a lot riding on its shoulders. The first game proved to be a much larger success than Square Enix, Nintendo, or pretty much anyone expected, meaning the localization of this sequel seemed almost like a guarantee.

Of course, sophomore outings are generally “make-or-break for a franchise,” and if Square Enix can’t get the sales figures up in the West, then two entries is all we might ever see. The game already came up short in Japan, so Square Enix wants Western fans to know that this is a new game worth investing in.

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