Burning Propane Tank in Pickup Explodes in Drive Thru


A leaking propane tank in a pickup truck going through the drive thru of a Burger King in Beebe, Arkansas exploded into a massive fireball, and if there’s one thing it teaches us, it’s that a propane tank on fire is surely going to have it its way.

What’s not funny in all of this, however, is the serious burns suffered by the vehicle’s owner, as the Associated Press reports. Luckily nobody else was hurt.

According to the owner, he had just purchased the propane tank and loaded it into his truck when he decided to stop at Burger King. A hissing noise could be heard coming from the tank, and when he reached in to tighten the valve, he claims it burst into flame.

He walked away from the truck to wait for help to arrive as his truck burned when it suddenly exploded. The heat from the explosion blistered his body, but he was released from the hospital last Friday.

Propane tanks are scary as fuck! My only advice here is to make sure the propane tank is not hissing when you buy it, and to make sure it’s secure before you go driving off. Otherwise your Whopper won’t be the only thing charbroiled. Jokes aside, I’m very glad the guy seems to be okay.

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