Cake Is Now Offering Certified Pre-Owned Electric Motorcycles

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Swedish motorcycle manufacturer Cake is unusually focused on its efforts to reduce emissions, resource use, and generally make the world a better place. Most motorcycle manufacturers simply aim to sell bikes, but Cake takes things a step further with its philanthropic work, including an aim to reduce poaching. After a handful of years on the market selling some interesting bikes with a cool industrial design aesthetic, the company is embarking on a new quest to deliver certified pre-owned Cake models to consumers with a twist.


The program, launched on Thursday, is called re:CAKE, and it aims to extend the lifecycle of Cake’s already-built motorcycles. This initial batch of re:CAKE bikes is pulled from the company’s own internal fleet of bikes, but the plan is to extend this to customer bikes for people who have already purchased a Cake and no longer need or want it. Each bike is inspected, overhauled, and given a stamp of approval. Every bike through the program will get a special green front fender as a sign that it has been re:CAKE’d.

“We founded Cake with the promise to create motorcycles that wouldn’t only be high-quality and fun to ride, but also offer sustainable alternatives to fossil-fuel”, said Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of Cake.

“When buying a re:CAKE, you make an active choice by extending the lifecycle of an existing product and play an integral part in making consumption more sustainable”.

Image for article titled Cake Is Now Offering Certified Pre-Owned Electric Motorcycles

Photo: Cake

At the moment you can order the company’s Kalk and Ösa models through the program. The street-legal Kalk INK& is available at $9,490, which sets it $2010 less than a brand new example. You can get the unique utility scooter Ösa starting as low as $6,350 which is a bargain considering its starting price of $10,000 new.

This seems like a great idea, and more motorcycle startups should consider doing a factory CPO program for internal bikes and customer bikes alike. Keep those bikes on the road and in the hands of people who want to use them!

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