Cam Newton puts corny, clout-chasing child in his place after kid calls him ‘ass’

Cam Newton would like a word with your dad.

Cam Newton would like a word with your dad.
Photo: Getty Images

Free agent quarterback Cam Newton got into a back and forth with a heckler this weekend at what seems to be a football camp.

The heckler, who appeared to be a child, said the former MVP was “ass,” repeatedly claiming that Newton, a free agent, was “about to be poor.” Newton responded by repeatedly pointing out that he is rich. He also asked to speak with the young heckler’s father.


The interaction was originally posted on TikTok and quickly picked up on Twitter. It has caused some conversation about what is appropriate behavior from fans, especially young fans, and how well Newton handled the situation.

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Hopefully this is just a young kid doing something stupid at the moment to get attention, and not something that’s emblematic of his character. Either way, it’s a really bad sign that a former MVP and Heisman Trophy winner takes his time out to come spend time with you, and you disrespect him instead of trying to learn everything you can from the football legend.

It’s certainly bad business for the kid involved and, once he gets older, he’ll probably look at this video and have some different feelings about his actions. If I were this child’s parent, there’s no way that he would be able to get away with this behavior.


Ridiculing someone for no reason is already wack and it’s even more corny when you are doing it to people who are trying to help you.

Newton is currently on the market for NFL teams and will be looking to prove, once again, that he can lead a successful squad after his season with the Patriots.

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