Can the NBA Draft show us that Fleets are better than knockoff Dollar Tree Brand IG stories?

iMiami Heat guard Tyler Herro will be featured in draft day NBA "Fleets."

iMiami Heat guard Tyler Herro will be featured in draft day NBA “Fleets.”

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So Twitter has basically copied and pasted Instagram and Snapchat’s story function to their platform.


Now, thanks to the “Fleets” function we have yet another way to see the edited version of your coworker’s breakfast cereal jazzed up with a sprinkle of bananas in the morning.


As you can probably imagine, some social media users are not too pleased with having the generic version of “stories” changing their Twitter experience.


Some people have already complained about early bugs with Fleets such as low-quality video and glitches on people’s “stories.”

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Yet, that isn’t going to stop professional sports social media managers from trying to be on the cutting edge of this completely ripped-off innovation that has the originality of a Raisin Bran board meeting.

Twitter and the NBA will launch the League’s first Fleets on Tuesday to celebrate Miami Heat star Tyler Herro’s journey ahead of Wednesday’s NBA Draft.


The night leading into the draft will feature multiple videos from an interview with Herro on the NBA’s Twitter account by using Fleets. Miami’s newest star will break down his rookie season, from being selected with the 13th overall pick in the 2019 draft from the University of Kentucky to helping the Heat reach the NBA Finals in one of the craziest seasons the League has ever seen.

In addition to the NBA’s focus on Herro, they will utilize draft night to display behind-the-scenes coverage via Fleet from ESPN’s studios in Connecticut along with Fleets from players, draft prospects, and famous NBA fans.


It’ll be interesting to see how this all comes together. Or does not.

Other individuals around the sports world like former NFL player Pat McAfee think that this innovation from Twitter will end platforms like Instagram altogether.


It will be fascinating to see if this Fleet function will turn into a groundbreaking innovation for Twitter to squash its competition, or just be the platform’s equivalent of the Bears drafting Mitchell Trubisky.

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