Cars 3 teaser trailer is not what you’d expect from Pixar

If Pixar’s Cars were to be put through a “Zack Snyder filter,” the teaser trailer above would be the result.

Rather than the cutesy, colorful Pixar we’re used to seeing, the Cars 3 teaser trailer is a gritty, frenetic, and weirdly disturbing look at the world of racing. In it, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is seen flying through a track before we see him wreck in slo-mo.

The realism behind the teaser is jarring for a Pixar movie, to say the least. But it’s obviously something the studio is going for. “From this moment, everything will change,” the tagline reads.

That’s ominous and a very big departure from the fun, lighthearted tone of the franchise.

Here’s the movie’s official synopsis:

The film will focus on Lightning mcQueen, now a veteran racer, as he participates in races around America with new-friend Cruz Ramirez, new-enemy Jackson Storm and returning characters such as Mater, Sally and Ramone.

Cars 3 hits theaters on June 16, 2017

Chances are the entire movie won’t be quite as realistic as the teaser above. We could just be seeing a bad dream. Or, maybe it’s just a flashback. Either way, Cars 3 is going to be different from the previous two films.

As the tagline says, “Everything will change.”

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