Celebrate National Dog Day by Finding Out What Makes Your Good Boy so Good, Save $20 on This Canine DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel Essential | $80 | Amazon

Wisdom Panel Essential | $80 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Wisdom Panel Essential | $80 | Amazon

Curious to know what makes your furry bestie tick? Have you been told your pupper is a combo breed but feel like the jury is still out? To honor National Dog Day, Wisdom Panel is giving you a deal on their Canine DNA Kits to figure all this out. Take $20 off the basic Essential Kit or take $30 off the more comprehensive Premium Kit. Western Panel is the leading canine genetics company and has tested over 1.5 million dogs so the database is vast.


With a simple swab of the cheek, register your kit online, and then send it off to the lab with pre-paid shipping. The whole process will take about two weeks but hey there are 350 breeds to go through. While genetic testing can be scary it is important and can be crucial to pinpoint specific health issues, especially early to create a long term plan. My best friend got her first dog this year and while puppy Winston is a joy I totally don’t believe the breeds she was told he is. We are totally getting one of the kits to determine that I’m right! (I’ll update with results.) But she’ll also get a better scope of what makes Winnie well Winnie. How he got his unique curly locks, his digging behaviors, and his overall wellness. All the info she needs so she can be the best dog mom and give that little fur angel a long happy life.

Today is the last day to get these kits at these prices.

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