Champagne, vodka, glamour models and ‘doing battle’ — Inside the mad world of white-collar boxing

raffles rumble 7Business Insider/Will Martin

Think boxing and your mind probably jumps to one of two scenarios. A huge prize fight in Las Vegas with millions of dollars and world title belts on the line.

Or a down at heel neighbourhood boxing gym where working class men pummel bags and spar with grizzled old guys holding pads.

But there’s a different kind of boxing emerging — white-collar boxing, featuring matches between middle and upper-class people who have good jobs, often working in the City of London.

They fight in fancy venues while their friends sip expensive cocktails and eat gourmet burgers as they watch.

There are no statistics on how many people in Britain take part in white-collar boxing, but its popularity appears to have exploded in the last few years.

So Business Insider set about finding out more about the training camps, nightclubs, and expensive events that make up white-collar boxing.

We were given the chance to go along to two of London’s most highly anticipated white-collar boxing events over the course of a weekend, and it was pretty fun. Check out what went on when we delved into the crazy, decadent world of posh, white-collar boxing.

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