Chevy Bolt EV first look: Electric power meets affordable design

We made our way up to the Los Angeles Auto Show to check out the latest and greatest car manufacturers had to offer. With electric vehicles becoming more important and affordable, Chevy is expanding its push into EV with the Bolt. The car features a compact design and looks like other small hatch cars you already see on the road. Its looks are more reserved and one of the better EV designs out on the market.

The Bolt EV’s 238-mile range is the highlight of the car. That is enough to drive you to and from work without running into range anxiety. That is the target audience for this car: commuters. Making electric vehicles more accessible has been Chevy’s ultimate endgame, and with the Bolt EV, the automaker is achieving that goal.

At a fraction of the price of other EV options, this might be the one that many potential buyers opt for. Not everyone is in the market for a $100K Tesla, as much as they may want to. They have to start somewhere, why not start with the Bolt EV?

The Chevy Bolt is a great entry into the world of electric

Aside from its 238-mile range, the Bolt also comes standard with a 10.2-inch center console display with support for CarPlay and Android Auto. And with little touches like the leather-wrapped steering wheel and rear hatch, it is also very practical and has the right amount of classiness to it. There is even an available package that includes 4G LTE Wi-Fi, just in case you want to binge your favorite show next time you’re camping.

The Chevy Bolt will be available in very limited quantity before the end of this year, with wider availability next spring. Check out the gallery to see more pictures of the Bolt EV.

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