Chinese Tech Company LeEco’s Car Didn’t Make It Onstage For Its Big U.S. Reveal

The LeEco car, the car from the Chinese Netflix, the backers of the mysterious Californian Faraday Future, is finally getting its U.S. debut on a live stage. Except it’s not.

LeEco’s CEO Yueting Jia wanted to bring their new car, called the LeSEE, from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley for its debut at today’s press conference. However, the CEO said the car was in a terrible accident on the way. Was the car driving on the road and got into a crash? Was the car on a trailer and the truck had a crash? We don’t know, but the car didn’t make it to the conference.



LeEco scrambled and got a car of theirs from London flown to Silicon Valley. At least then the car would be able to drive the Jia on stage, autonomously.

Didn’t happen.

The plane was two hours late, then traffic out of SFO held up the car so it only made it, curiously, to LeEco’s experience center, or whatever they were calling the room far away from the stage itself.

We could see the car, which much looks like a non-functioning concept vehicle. We couldn’t see LeEco prove us wrong and get the thing to actually work.

“It’s a real bummer,” Jia admitted. Indeed it is.

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