Clean Up Glitter And Confetti Without Losing Your Mind

Photo: Anastasiia Rozumna (Unsplash)

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I, like many people who are turned on by shiny things, have a complicated relationship to glitter and confetti. It is so alluring! But also: Woof, what a mess.

As we close out the year, many of us will be celebrating with confetti and/or will be decking ourselves out in clothing, accessories or makeup that involve glitter (ask me about my favorite glitter eyeshadows!) making this a good time to review the rules of glitter and confetti clean up.


Vacuuming is probably the best way to clean up confetti and glitter, but there are some fine points to make about the process. Actually just one fine point: You’ll want to switch out the standard bristled attachment and use either the hose attachment or crevice tool. The reason for that is that glitter and confetti will get caught in the bristles of a brush attachment — and then you’ll end up vacuuming your whole house with glitter. Which hey! Maybe you’re into?

If your vacuum didn’t come with attachments, or if you’ve misplaced them (it happens!) you can buy a universal vacuum attachment kit. Just be aware that “universal” doesn’t always mean universal and so you should check to make sure the attachment kit will indeed work with your machine.


Brooms are another way to clean up glitter and confetti, but just as with bristle attachments, they can get stuck in a broom’s rushes. If sweeping is the best cleaning method for your floors, opt for a rubber broom rather than the more common rush-style broom.


Lint rollers are another great way to quickly remove glitter, especially, from soft surfaces like upholstered furniture and from clothing.

Standard-sized lint rollers are great for clothes and smaller areas.


Where oversized lint rollers are better for large pieces of furniture or things like curtains and other window treatments.


Lint roller substitutes like masking or painter’s tape will also work!


Play-Doh, $8

Silly Putty, $4
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

As if glitter and confetti alone weren’t fun enough, here comes such a fun trick for picking up glitter: Use Play-Doh or Silly Putty.


Play-Doh or Silly Putty works especially well at removing glitter from skin, and as a bonus, it will leave you with a cool-looking piece of glittered Silly Putty to play with.


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