Come To Car Trivia At Our LeManstravaganza Tonight—If You Think You’re Good Enough

Photos credit Eric Teti/Gawker

We’re five hours into our 24 Hour LeManstravaganza at Jalopnik HQ in Manhattan and the party is going strong! About 100 people (seriously) have stopped by so far to watch the race on our giant screen, engage in bitter Forza battles, and pig out on French Toast. But the big highlight tonight will be car trivia, hosted by our own Raphael Orlove. Think you can match wits with us?

If you think you can, and you RSVP’d for the event—and even if you didn’t we still have space!—come on by at 6 p.m. this evening. That’s when dinner happens, and trivia goes down afterward.

How will trivia work? Six rounds, six questions each. There’s a true/false round, there’s a visual round, there’s a round of automotive geography, there’s another round on automotive names, there’s a history round for autonomous vehicles, and finally there’s a dedicated Le Mans trivia round. There’s also going to be an extra fun bonus round for a prize!


If you can make it, stop by our 2 West 17th Street location (link is to a map). And then stay for the long haul, because we’re going hard until 9:30 a.m. Sunday.



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