Comment Of The Day: ‘At Least Deadpool Isn’t An Asshole Online’ Edition

Comment Of The Day: 'At Least Deadpool Isn't An Asshole Online' Edition

Today Sean MacDonald bared his mancrush on Ryan Reynolds; the actor who plays Deadpool in, uh, Deadpool, and apparently loves motorcycles, which he talks about in this neat video. Reynolds has other fans and haters too, who mixed it up together in our comments section today.

In response to somebody asking why we should give a shit about some actor’s interest in anything, Lysol is the Man, Whitey! responded;

“Ryan Reynolds is literally better than you in every conceivable way. He is more successful than you’ll ever be, he has more money that you’ll ever dream of having, his wife is a beautiful goddess the likes of which you’ll never come close to attaining, he is better looking than you, he’s probably taller than you, he’s stronger than you, he’s fitter than you, he’s faster than you, he has cooler motorcycles than you’ll ever own, he’s funnier than you…but most importantly he’s not an asshole online like you are.”

“I’d rather read about Ryan Reynolds and his cool-ass motorcycles every day of the week than ever read another one of your posts. Fuck. Off.”

Either venting can be done vicariously, or strong opinions just get funnier by the end of the week because for some reason this was making Sean and I crack up.


Love each other, commenting brothers and sisters. Or if you’re going to tear each other apart, do it comprehensively.

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