Konami could only get in the way of one of Kojima’s awards last night

Twice during last night’s DICE Awards, Hideo Kojima was recognized for his contributions to gaming. Once, he was even legally allowed to stand up and accept one.

Hideo Kojima was inducted last night into the Academy for Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame for his contributions to gaming not just as an interactive medium, but as a way to tell stories, both through narrative and visually. After his bad breakup with Konami last year, it was a cathartic moment for gamers and members of the industry alike to see one of the most respected creators able to accept awards for the work he’s done.

But things couldn’t end on a simple, happy, and noble note like that. No. Shortly after the Hall of Fame award, it was time to hand out an award for best Action/Adventure game, the one category in which Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima’s final creation with Konami, was nominated. It did win.

The presenters said in response, “Konami could not be here to accept the award, so we’ll accept the award on behalf of Konami and on behalf of Kojima Productions.” Neither of the presenters, Kiki Wolfkill (yeah, that’s a real name) of 343 Studios nor Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, could keep a straight face at the turn of events as they read that response.

It was like a cartoon villain reared his ugly head one last time, only to stumble and fall flat on his face in front of his intended victim and audience.

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