Comment Of The Day: Honda’s Take On Hybrids Edition

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Comment Of The DayYour good comments.

Today we heard about Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo’s lukewarm take on the current state of electric vehicles. But it left some thinking, what’s up with Honda’s hybrids?


Hachigo’s take on EVs (“there’s not enough infrastructure”) has some value, contrary to my colleague Aaron Gordon’s point of view, but the fact remains that, even on hybrid products, Honda’s offerings have been… OK?

I personally loved driving the new NSX, but sales have been slow enough for Honda to reassign its construction staff to hand-built some TLX sedans for no reason. And the CR-Z, man, remember the CR-Z? I hadn’t either until seeing this comment, but once I did, I was bummed.

Do I have a point here? I’m not sure. But I am here for the discourse, friends. Shoutout to Exage03040 – Red Puck Down for this piece of it.

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