Comment Of The Day: Oil Always Knows What You’re Wearing Edition

Comment Of The Day: Oil Always Knows What You're Wearing Edition
Photo credit: David Tracy

Hey, sexy. What are you wearing? Your favorite white shirt? That’s hot. Oh yeah. If I were a drop of oil, I’d get all over that. All over that.

We asked for your favorite wrenching hacks, and PlanetExpress suggested a surefire way to keep your work space neat and tidy:

When changing your oil, I find it particularly helpful to wear full white. That way none of it goes on the driveway.

You heard the man. If you absolutely cannot leave any dribbles behind, break out your full whites and try not to get any on the extra-special patch you got for marshaling Daytona in 1998.


Alternate theory: wear your favorite stuff. As a person who recently got nasty old transaxle oil all over her favorite pants—oil which isn’t coming out, not with Simple Green or any of the other usual tricks—I feel comfortable vouching for this alternate theory as accepted truth. The less you want oil on something, the more it wants to be there.

Your busted hooptie will always kill your favorite and/or most sparkling white clothes first. Face it, whites are the Katamari of clothes. Congratulations on winning Comment of the Day, PlanetExpress, and sorry about your wardrobe.


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