Dak Prescott is sorry for praising fans who threw trash at refs

Dak Prescott is very sorry.

Dak Prescott is very sorry.
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The Dallas Cowboys exited the postseason early, yet again, during “super” wildcard weekend — it wasn’t all that super, honestly — losing at home to longtime rival San Francisco, 23-17. Of course, like any other NFL game, there were times throughout that Cowboys players wish they could have back, but the one moment garnering all the attention just happens to be the final play. You know, the one where Dallas instructs Dak Prescott to run a QB draw with 14 seconds remaining and no timeouts left. Great play call by Kellen Moore.


After the game, Prescott applauded Cowboys fans for throwing trash onto the field in the direction of officials heading into the locker room area following the controversial play.

It was an uncharacteristic move from Prescott, who usually tries his best to steer clear of saying anything more than he needs to, and typically avoids making disparaging comments of anyone in public. But that was before this gaffe that ended his meeting with the 49ers.

After a couple of days and a chance to cool down, Dak apologized to the officials on Twitter (of course). Now I’m not saying Prescott wasn’t planning to give some sort of apology or explanation for his actions after the game. Still, it’s interesting that it came after the NBRA (National Basketball Referees Association) condemned him publicly. And by publicly, I mean on Twitter as well.


In case you’re wondering, there hasn’t been a peep heard from the league on Prescott’s comments to this point. I guess they’ll just let Dak hash this out with the officials on Twitter. That seems reasonable enough, right? Whenever a player or coach even thinks ill of an official in any professional sport, that league usually comes down quickly on said offender. But when you play for Jerry Jones and America’s team, you get a pass on things like this, apparently.

If the NFL declines to make a public statement by week’s end, they’ve already moved on to the divisional round of playoff games. Yet another perk of playing for Godfather Jerry. You can bad-mouth refs without consequence. Oh, it must be nice. How about this; don’t blame the refs, and let’s execute better in late-game situations. Let’s try thinking outside of the box a little bit.

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